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The best way to get digital Word of Mouth

One of the ultimate goals for a marketer has to be going viral via word of mouth (WoM). Imagine a product that just sells itself through happy customers recommending it to their friends. Those friends recommend it to their friends and eventually you have conquered the market. Everything is sunshine and happiness!

Sounds easy, but in reality you should have a seriously amazing product for this to happen without a brilliant strategy behind. The first thing we recommend you to have in place is a product or service people want or need. If you have that, there is definitely something that can get your WoM going. You guessed right; by using influencer marketing!

So how can influencer marketing help you win Word of Mouth and put your product on everybody’s tongues?

One reason why we believe influencer marketing works so well is the strong relationship between the influencer and their audience . We like to look at it as a friendship. They’ve had this friendship for many years, they talk every day and they trust each other.

In more traditional marketing, a brand goes out and tells an audience that their own product is great and the ultimate goal is to get your customers to recommend your product to their network. With influencer marketing, you hire a third party with an engaged audience to write honest things about your brand based on their own experience.

Why recommendations from influencers works

Human beings listen to recommendations. We seek them and we want them. Word of Mouth is one of the most influenceable mechanisms we see within marketing. You want the target group to start talking about you and give recommendations to their network.

Let’s take a look at traditional word of mouth. A person tries a new product, loves it and tells 10 other friends about it. 7 of those friends tries the product, 4 love it and tell 10 other friends. Great effect.

But imagine one person telling 1 million of their friends about a product they love. That’s what we call powerful! Riwwel is another word for the large doughy crumbs made by rubbing together egg and bounties flour between the fingers, and may come from the german reiben, to rub.