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Thoughts on Influencer Marketing – Martina Bjelkerud Altbark – Tradebanco

Influencer marketing and the beauty industry have been walking hand in hand for many years now but how do you make sure to stay relevant in this ever changing market?

One who knows the answer to this is Martina Bjelkerud Altbark, Marketing Communications Specialist at Tradebanco who represents multiple brands within skin care, fragrance and hair care. Together with respective manager for each brand her main objective is to bring forward creative marketing plans for all brands under the Tradebanco umbrella. OGX, Furla, Babyliss, Hawaiian Tropic and St Moritz to name a few.

When Martina is not working passionately with meaningful and engaging campaigns she enjoys working out, being with her family and exploring new places. She found her way to Tradebanco through her interest in marketing, beauty and cosmetics.

The importance of influencer marketing for beauty brands

Martina explains that influencer marketing plays an important role within the beauty segment in order to reach out to an audience wide enough and in order to communicate with this audience in an authentic and engaging way. ”By collaborating with relevant influencers we are able to create trust, social proof and increase awareness around our product” she points out.

”A successful influencer activation to me is when the influencer has an honest connection to the brand and/or the product and through this has the ability to create engagement among his or her audience. Moreover it’s important that the activation generates measurable results in terms of increased awareness, engagement and of course generating sales in the long run.”

How to evaluate if your overall goals and KPI:s are fulfilled.

”At Tradebanco we evaluate a campaign’s success by looking at KPI:s such as reach, engagement and in the end of the funnel also conversion. As with all marketing activities it’s important to look into your return on investment, not only that you create a profit but also make sure that you have invested in the best possible channel and don’t miss out on a potentially more effective strategy.”

Martina furthermore explains that Tradebanco always try to have a strategic approach to influencer marketing by building long term relations to their influencers, together with always adjusting conceptual frames and overall communication based on previous results and overall trends within the market. All this in order to increase social proof, engagement, reach and hype around their brands.

New influencer trends in the horizon

On the question if Martina sees any new trends in the world of influencer marketing she explains that one growing segment for Tradebanco is the use of micro influencers who often has a smaller but more engaged group of followers and moreover also offer a more intimate and authentic experience together with the brand.

In terms of content she also highlights the increase of video content, live- streaming and deepened collaborations where the influencer becomes an integrated part of the brand’s storytelling.