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Increase brand awareness of the online store toddlers.no and increase followers of toddlers.no‘s instagram account.


Caroline Berg Eriksen


UI chose Caroline Berg Eriksen as a good match for this campaign and the client. She was to specifically show and review an exclusive and classic Victorian doll house as a great Christmas gift tip, through product placement on her blog, IG posts and Instastories in the period November / December 2019. Caroline’s unique, visual expression made the dollhouse stand out nicely in natural, beautiful and lively setting, which motivated her followers and readers to click through to toddlers.no.

Caroline also hosted a charitable contest on Instagram where a lucky follower could win a dollhouse for themselves and for a local children’s hospital, with a secondary goal of generating more followers to @toddlers.no.


6931 clicks/swipeups to toddlers.no
200 used discount codes.
271 059 people reached.
400 new followers to toddlers.no Instagram.
* Amount of people reached does not exclude double coverage across channels.

Customer review

Caroline provided commercial and very delicate photos and copies executed at a high professional level. We feel that the collaboration strengthened both the toddlers.no brand and awareness of our concept.