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The main object was to reach out to young people with a creative mindset. The intention was to make them apply for Samsung’s competition called  “Solve For Tomorrow”. The campaign aimed to inspire the target audience to believe in their entrepreneurial ideas and to encourage them to take the next step in going from idea to execution. The concept was built by the customer’s advertisement agency and distributed to United Influencers by its communication agency. United Influencer’s main objectives was to:

– Find relevant influencers on TikTok to promote the competition.

– Negotiate influencer compensations.

– Ensure that influencer agreements and briefing where carried out accordingly.

– Manage general project management and advisory related to influencer marketing.



– Nine different creators were activated on TikTok

– Selected influencer content were shared via ads in order to ensure sufficient reach

– 149 individuals participated and competed the competition, (+50% on forecast).

For more info about this campaign contact – Frida Nordqvist