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Oslo Skin Lab wanted to increase brand awareness and sales of their collagen powder “The Solution”, which is a subscription program.


Kristina Andersen kickstarted the campaign in 2019, accompanied by several other influencers. She did a blog post, Instagram post, Instagram Story as well as sharing the blog post on Facebook. Kristina posted a fantastic and honest review about the product, where she shared pictures and videos showing the effect the product did for her skin after using it for a couple of weeks. She also shared a customized link to their web shop, where her audience got an introduction offer with 65% discount on their first order.



34 510 reach through blog.

41 200 reach organically through Instagram feed.

41 100 reach organically through Instagram Story.

6780 clicks to Oslo Skin Lab’s web shop through blog and Instagram Story swipe-ups!

The campaign was supported with Facebook and Instagram advertising, which resulted in brilliant sales.


Kristina Andersen


Customer review

Kristina's blog post beat all of our records. A lot more hits and higher converting rates than normal. We ended up increasing sales with 50% more than our previous record with influencer marketing strategy. We are pretty convinced that we owe this success to Kristina's unique commitment and credibility- even we are sold when she claims to love our product (so we are convinced she really does love it!)