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Client cases



Europris wanted to highlight their new interior collection. They wanted to engage and drive traffic to a campaign page, as well as engaging the target audience on Instagram – both in Europris’ channels and through our influencers.


We activated two different influencers for the campaign. Ida Wulff picked her favorites from Europris and brought her followers with her as she renewed her hallway. The audience got to join the process through Ida’s channels, where blog posts were optimized towards her readers and towards a mirrored audience for a total of 11 500kr. Ida’s favorites were added to the campaign site, so the readers could easily shop these themselves. Sophie Elise has a unique strength on Instagram, and got to present her new wardrobe with interior from Europris. By doing this, she helped draw more traffic to the campaign site, and created high engagement on Instagram.

Both Sophie and Ida held giveaways where they got to hand out three items each to some of their followers. Attendance requirements were to comment their desired color, and to follow Europris on Instagram.


Ida had almost 40,000 unique readers of the blog post, which is 135% compared to the benchmark. Sophie reached 85% of her 406,000 followers. Together they generated about 4,400 new followers for Europris’ Instagram and 10,000 clicks to the campaign site.


Sophie Elise and Ida Wulff