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Client cases

Danske Bank


Danske Bank wanted to put “women and investments” on the agenda. The goal was to increase knowledge, presence and engagement within financial investments amongst women between 18-34 y.o. Danske Bank wanted to be go-to for trustworthy information that lowers the threshold for smart investments.


UI chose to present a 360-solution, a concept with extended use of influencers, fashion magazine ELLE and Danske Bank as the expert/advisor.

To create a trustworthy universe for financial investments, we developed a site on elle.no that could include both editorial- and commercial messages. The content is based on influencers the target group aspires to. The site is called ELLE INVEST and is now a fixed tab on elle.no as well as in the magazine itself.

ELLE INVEST is a combination of influencer generated content, commercial articles with Danske Bank as the sender as well as editorial articles written by the ELLE team. Inside the page, we also integrated a technological solution where visitors can ask questions and talk to Danske Bank through a chat-boot.



The result shows great interest within the target group and that we have managed to speak their language. The best performing articles was the ones where we used good role models and showed relevant examples that the strategy is built on.

The expert advisors from Danske Bank is visible in more than 15 articles, whereas 3 out of these are top 5 articles.

Feedback from the target group says that they didn’t know it was this easy to get started with investments, and that they could increase their earnings by doing relatively small changes.

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