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6 important tools to measure influencer marketing

Measuring influencer marketing is easy. Learn about the tools and methods used by United Influencer’s campaign team

Decide on the right campaign goals

The entire concept and planning before the influencers starts to create content, is built around what you want to accomplish. The same goes for tracking, optimizing, analyzing and reporting. The ecosystem around your campaign and its success depends on clear goals and KPIs. It is important that you as a buyer of influencer marketing has had a solid clarification of expectations and goal setting together with your advisor from United Influencers. When these are in place, the job will get a lot easier and the process of measuring the effects of the campaign will be tidy and effective.

Influencer campaign measurement tools

Based on the KPIs set for the campaign, the team at United Influencers will find identify the right tools for measuring. This is to track the exact results the campaign delivers based on what you want for your brand.

Here is 6 important tools and methods we use to track detailed results:


A very popular measurement in all marketing. It shows how many times your advertisement has been viewed. In digital marketing, it is easy to find exact numbers for reach. This is measured in all channels and are reported live from the statistics of each influencer.


Measures relevance and tells you how many times your advertisement was shared, commented on or liked. You get a great indication on if the target group liked what they saw and if the content was engaging.


Are measured to see how many clicks or swipe ups your advertisement got. You can add any link you want to the ad and lead the traffic from the influencer’s profile to your own web shop or campaign site.

Google Analytics

A complex analyzing tool, giving you the opportunity to extract valuable insight on the target group. Here you can find detailed results on who saw your ad, where they came from, how long they spent consuming it (for example reading time on blogs). Google Analytics also gives you the opportunity to make custom ads on Google’s platforms, which you can choose to show to the people who already saw the original ad from the influencer.

UTM parameters 

A short code added to the URL (link address), which gives you the opportunity to track specific campaigns/ads in Google Analytics. You can follow the potential customer and see which ad they came from. This is a great opportunity to get insight around which influencer contributed to most traffic and to analyze what worked best.  

Facebook Business Manager 

A platform for advertising on Facebook and Instagram. It gives us the opportunity to use the influencer’s content and channels to make custom paid ads. We can do retargeting based on the influencer’s pixel (code for tracking visitors built into their blog/website) or use Facebook’s targeting tool to reach more people in the target group. This method is often used to create a sales funnel where the audience gets custom ads based on previous interest. The campaigns are optimized continuously for the best possible result.

Contact one of our advisors to learn more or to get started with your next influencer campaign.

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