The new media landscape is influencer driven

Today, few young people read newspapers, watch linear TV or pay attention to ads. They have turned to influencers searching for inspiration, entertainment or advice.

The biggest difference between traditional marketing and influencer marketing is that the audience actually wants to consume the content influencers create.

Influencer marketing is about engaging influencers with authentic social reach through content that sway the behaviour and mindset of consumers – giving you the power to move them into action.

Influencer marketing is rapidly becoming a bigger part of marketing budgets, and with good reasons.

Did you know?

77 percent of the online world read blogs.

66 percent of blog readers make purchases based on blog recommendations.

Up to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions are influenced by word-of-mouth.

Customer acquired through influencers and word-of-mouth are 37 precent more likely to stick around.

Highest ROI of all channels

A recent study conducted by Nielsen Catalina Solutions in conjunction with TapInfluence found that influencer marketing yields 16x higher ROI than the average digital marketing campaign and 11x better ROI than a traditional banner ad campaign.

The RhythmOne Full Year 2015 Influencer Marketing Report shows $11,20 in earned media value average with engagement rates of up to 3,6% of total exposure. This should be compared with the average banner ad CTR that was 0,17% in April 2016 according to Smart Insights. Read the full RhythmOne report here.

Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective online customer acquisition channel, beating organic search, paid search and email marketing

Businesses get up to $21 in return for each $1 spent on influencer marketing

51% of marketers believe they acquire better customers through influencer marketing compared to any other online marketing channel

Did you know?

81 percent of marketers who´ve launched a campaign were happy with the results.

84 percent of marketers will launch at least one influencer campaign in the next 12 months.

75 percent of all marketers say identifying the right influencers was the biggest challenge when rolling out an influencer campaign.

Source: A May 2015 study by Schlesinger Associates for Agure.

Act now

Influencer marketing is huge and growing. There are so many opportunities to do amazingly creative things that have the potential of generating ROI that will dwarf that of other marketing channels.

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